JK102 series

Usage range;
Hotel,meeting roon,sauna,massage,car,welcoming place,most suitable for families.
Common sofa,sofa bed,rotating,waving.
1、The back of the sofa can move down to reach 135<with the surface(finished sofa).
2、When the sofa back is moved to its minimum point,the backward distance is only 250mm.
3、Can open the leg by pushing the switch with 2.5-3kg power,max stretching is 460mm.
4、The sofa's stretched length is 1700-1800mm(finished sofa).
5、The sofa can take the pressure of the whole people.
6、Most suitable for under pressured people and olds.
7、The sofa is extraordinary comfortable,which can easily change the backrest position to get you the best angles to fit your sit.
8、You can change it to common sofa status just by pushing the switch.
9、It can rotate and wave by a little bit power.

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